Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fathers Day Photographic Expedition

Today Dad and I took ourselves on a Fathers Day photographic expedition. We headed out past Neerim South to Glen Nayook for out first stop. Next was the Trestle Bridge at Noojee and then we went for a little drive to see a camping spot called the Poplars that Mum and Dad might use. An ice-cream at Noojee was a great way to end the expedition. 
 I gave Dad a new camera for Fathers Day so part of the expedition was to get him to use it and see the differences the different settings can make. The photos are all taken with my new camera that I am still trying to get a feel for.

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Elizabeth Em said...

sounds like a nice sunday!!

Maree said...

great pics Mrs B

scrappin' girl said...

Sounds like a GREAT DAY .. and TERRIFIC pics Ngaire !!

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