Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ink Blending Tools

Looking at Pinterest is one of my favourite things to do. Recently I came across a pin for how to make your own ink blending tools. I followed the link to here and thought that I could make some of my own. 
A trip to Bunnings for the supplies - 1 piece of timber - about 3mm x 1.5mm. It comes in 1.8 m lengths. I had mine cut in half to fit in the car. I also bought 4 door handles ( the smallest Bunnings sell) and a packet of velcro. All up I spent about $20 on the supplies. 
 Next I got my dad to cut the timber into the same lengths as the original ink blending too. A quick sand and voila I had my blocks! The handles I bought came predrilled with a screw. Once I worked out where I was putting the handle, I drilled a hole and screwed it in. I sort of drilled a little bit more so that the end of the screw would not stick out. Then I cut the end of the screw off that was over hanging.
 Then I cut the velcro into lengths the same as the block. Stuck it on and there I had it. My own ink blending tool. So far I have only made 4 with a handle. I don't really use the handle when using the tool, so I will make a few more without worrying.
 Blending pad stuck on and testing it out.
 Works just like a bought one. I couldn't really tell the difference when using it. It just worked like my other one.
I haven't really worked out the cost per block but it is significantly less than the original ones that I bought. Making my own also means that I can afford to have one for every colour of pad that I have.

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Elizabeth Em said...

marvellous idea!!! mind you going to bunnings is always expensive for me lol

scrappin' girl said...

this is a FAB idea Nagire !!!

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