Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camera Love

With my tax return this year I decided that I would buy a new camera. I already have a Canon 450D but felt very limited with it seeing as it was 5 years old. I did some research and decided to upgrade it to the Canon 650D. I am such a Canon girl! It has a flip out screen, can record HD movies and has filters that can be applied to photos to change the look of them. 

This is a Polaroid camera that I bought. I thought it might be a fun addition to have with me to get instant pictures of some of the things I see. 
 Seeing as I going overseas I also decided that I needed a new camera bag. I used to have a Lowepro camera backpack that I gave to my ex husband in the settlement. He wanted the SLR camera but I put my foot down and said no, so compromised on the backpack instead. I had done a lot of searching for the right bag and read lots and lots of review. I finally settled on the Clover by Epiphanie. I took it on a test run the other day to the city and it worked really well. I had it loaded up with the camera equipment I will be taking with me to the US and spent some time walking around the city after I had lunch with Belinda. It didn't seem too bad.
 This camera is my Diana Mini. I have had it for a few months and I also love it. I am not so good at using it though, but that is something I am working on. I am also going to take it with me as I think that NYC might look pretty cool through the lens of one of these.

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Elizabeth Em said...

oh so envious! i'd love a polaroid!! what's the diana one?

Rhianne said...

the diana mini is pretty temperamental but totally worth keeping at, have fun. I love my mini instax, you'll have so much fun with your polaroid too :)

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