Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Book Review - Zentangle Untangle by Kass Hall

This book is the latest that has been added to my collection. I was very excited to receive it because it is by my super talented gorgeous friend Kass. Kass is a Certified Zentangle Teacher which is a pretty cool title to have on your CV. That means she is one of a handful of instructors in the world that have completed training with the Zentangle Masters - Maria and Rick.

So, what do I know about Zentangling? Not a lot. Did I hope that this book could teach me something new? Yes! I really enjoyed reading the introduction and the process Kass went through to get to the point of writing the book. It was a very heartfelt intro. Chapter 1 with a section on relaxation and focus made me want to read more and definitely have a go at Zentangling. Chapter 1 with its explanation of some of the key tangles was well written and inspiring. So inspiring that I bought a new sketch book to tangle in. Chapters 3 & 4 - Colour and art materials give a great explanation of how colour can be used in Zentangling and what mediums can be used in Zentangling.
Chapter 5 - Art Journal gives lots of great examples on how you can use Zentangling in your art. What I like is that not only are there lots of examples but there is work by some fantastic Zentangle artists.
To me a book that is full of inspiration needs to have a good resources section. Kass has included substantial resources chapter in her book with lots of links to other Zentangle artists and places you can find further information.

I think Kass has done a wonderful job writing and putting together this book. I would feel the same way about the book even Kass was not one of my friends. Kass has information on where to buy her book on her blog.

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Amy said...

Just ordered mine! I have never "tangled" but love Kass and look forward to learning what she has to share!

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