Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friends Swap

A little while ago I signed up to the Friends Swap. I have done this swap before and made some wonderful blogging friends through it. I loved receiving parcels from Nin and Karina and treasure lots of the little finds they gave me.  Imagine my surprise when I was matched with Maree! Maree is one of my besties and it was great being able to put together a parcel of goodies for her. Maree is known as a babushka lover and I am known as an owl lover, so I tried to put as many babushka themed things in her parcel of goodies. The exciting thing about this swap this time round was that we were able to exchange gifts face to face when I went to Maree's house in the holidays. Her younger girls were so excited, they wanted to see what Maree got and they wanted to see my reaction to my gifts.
From Maree I received some great American themed scrapbooking paper which I will be able to scrap photos of my September trip with, a gorgeous red tea cup and some tea, some hand cream, a bottle of bubbly, some little asian inspired serving dishes, some chocolate, and a mini pedicure set. It really would have helped if I had remembered to take a picture of each thing! Thank you Maree! Mwah!

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scrappin' girl said...

Ngaire & Maree .. sounds like a terrific swap xxx

Karina said...

Ho exciting. It's been lovely getting to know glad we got matched up with this swap. I'd love to do it again some day.

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